Sunday, May 17, 2009

A good day

I spent most of yesterday lying in bed organizing and filing paperwork, as the pain was still too intense to do much moving. It kept my mind occupied for a while, but by the afternoon I was fed up and frustrated. My friend Steve called as I was lying there gritting my teeth and snarling internally. He said all the right things and within about a minute had managed to break through my shield of anger and frustration, and it all just came pouring out. He listened patiently as I blubbered like an infant, eking out the occasional "thi - iss...*snifffle*....suuuucks". After about 10 straight minutes of bawling, I began to calm down and felt much, much better. We ended up talking for over an hour, just being silly and laughing our butts off. I felt so much lighter and the rest of my day was a whole lot easier. I even managed to get up and do some laundry..yay! Ya gotta love good friends :-D

The pain is lessening a bit each day...whew! I am still twitching occasionally, but not as strong as before.

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