Monday, September 15, 2008


The pain/pressure in my chest has let up a bit, but is still there. I called the allergist my primary doctor referred me to and left a message....I hope to hear back from them soon to schedule an appointment. It's often difficult to decipher which symptoms are Lyme related and which aren't. So, when a new symptom occurs, I like to have it checked out in case it's a separate issue.
The last few days I've felt weak and drained and it's been getting steadily worse. My muscles burn even when making small movements, or holding a position for more than a few seconds. I often have to stop and catch my breath after typing, pouring water, writing etc...Last night I was doing a crossword puzzle while lying in bed, and had to stop after each word I filled in to catch my breath and wait for my arm and fingers to stop burning. It seems to happen most when using my upper body muscles, so I'm still able to walk when I need to.
Today my joints have begun to ache again, this time in my hands and arms, and I'm having shakes/tremors in my upper body. I've had them on and off for years. My arms curl toward my torso, my shoulders scrunch up and I twitch as my head kind of pulls to one They only last a few seconds though, and I'm not feeling any additional pain as a result, so I'm glad for that.

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