Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Monday outing

I spent monday in the hospital with chest pressure/discomfort when inhaling and fluctuating heart rate. Fun, fun, fun!
After 12 hours of blood-sucking (9 vials), x-rays and monitoring, they ruled out pneumonia, and heart defect - whew! Since my heart itself is ok, I'm guessing the fluctuating rate is due to the Lyme disease, as the bacteria often short-circuit signals to the major organs. As for the chest pressure/aching, they said one possibility could be inflammtion of the area around where the ribs connect in front......that can be treated with ibuprofen. they also recommended that I follow up with a local clinic just to be safe
I got home yesterday at 5pm, and after inhaling a sandwich I grabbed from a local sub shop on the way home, I hit the pillow hard and slept til 8 o'clock this morning. I feel a little better after having had some good sleep, but the sneezing is back..eek! I'll try taking a hot shower soon and see if that doesn't help. Later!

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