Friday, September 5, 2008

One day at a time

The last two days I've woken up with a heavy feeling in my upper though there is a weight lying on it. It feels less heavy once I get up and move around, but never really goes away. Also, if I laugh hard or speak louder than usual, I feel a sort of itch/tickle in my chest and start to cough. I'm wondering if it could be from the high mold content in the's everywhere....doors, cabinets, refrigerator...pretty much every porous surface has it. We have swamp cooling, and it gets really humid and sticky inside the house. I'm going to email my doctor about it and check into getting a dehumidifier for my bedroom to prevent the mold from spreading in there.
Also, while the severe joint pain in my extremities has eased up, the dull ache remains. My hands especially are still very stiff and sore, and often swollen when I wake up. The pain is not too bad, just enough to be uncomfortable and interfere with pretty much anything that requires more than mild dexterity, such as typing and writing.

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