Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Better today

My legs and back feel a bit better today. Just a slight dull ache. I'm drinking lots of water in hopes that it will keep the severe pain at bay.
An odd thing happened this morning..... I was sitting at my computer and stood up to head to the kitchen. As I put my right foot on the floor, a stabbing pain shot up the back of my heel. I'm glad no one was around to hear the string of cuss words that leapt from my mouth at that moment. I managed to get myself to the tub, soaked my foot in hot water, then put some menthol creme on it and covered it with a thick sock. Most of the pain is gone now ....just a bit of tenderness left and I'm able to walk on it carefully. I still have no idea what caused it.
In other news, I found a cute little spider out by the laundry room the other night.....I would not have noticed it if it weren't for the sound of my baby sister screaming like she was being killed...hehe. I went out to see what all the fuss was about and noticed the dime-sized spider clinging to the wall. As I leaned in for a closer look, it launched it's 8-legged self off the wall and swung like a mini tarzan right at my face, at which point I began screaming like a sissy girl - arms flailing. After I regained my composure and my friend - who was on the phone with me at the time - stopped laughing hysterically, I put the little guy (I'm assuming it's a dude spider) in an empty cookie bucket and brought him inside for closer inspection. I browsed the internet in an attempt to identify him, but had no luck so I shot a few photos of the critter and sent them to the bugman ( for identification before releasing him back in the the 'wild' near the laundry room. :-)
Scroll down to see the spidey :)

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