Saturday, December 6, 2008


The occurrence of new symptoms turned into a full-blown relapse on Thursday, Dec 4th, with impaired motor function, slurred speech, little to no stamina, extreme muscle weakness and a pressure/tenderness in my midsection which increased with contact and consumption of food. Heart rate remained stable, though pulse was difficult to find (possibly due to a drop in blood pressure). Since then I have been sleeping for periods of 12-15 hours, waking only to use the bathroom and try to eat something with my meds. I am able to sit up for 20-60 minutes before I need to lie back down and rest/catch my breath. During my awake time I have been online looking for work and checking emails as well as talking on the phone with friends to keep me from going nuts ;-) In the first day of relapse, I became very depressed, crying for hours. After having a taste of recovery, going back to semi-bedridden status really pissed me off. I'm feeling better emotionally now, and am trying to stay positive and be proactive when I am awake so as not to slip into a deeper depression. I spoke with my doctor and she wants me to go back on the Protocol, starting at low doses and working my way up, so that is my main focus at the moment. Time to rest, will write more later.

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