Monday, December 15, 2008

Better stamina

I've had a bit more stamina since starting the thyroid meds, and have not been struggling as much to stay awake in the afternoons.
This morning was to mark the beginning of yoga classes....but I mistakenly went to the wrong building at first, then somehow thought it was an hour earlier than it actually, when I finally made it to the right building, I sat down and waited for an hour and walked into the classroom just as it was ending...oops!...must've left my brain on my pillow ;-) Fortunately, my ride was late picking me up, so I decided to stay and attend a later stretching class which was very nice :) It left me a bit out of breath, but I really enjoyed it. I was amazed at how simple stretches increased the blood flow to my tired limbs especially were very warm when I finished. I plan to stretch daily at home from now on :) I have another yoga class schedule on Thursday....I'll be sure to bring my brain along for that one ;-) ttfn!

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