Monday, November 25, 2013


About two weeks ago - shortly after my last post -, a sharp-ish pain developed in my lower back. Resting and applying heat seemed to help a little at first, but the pain is now constant and includes a burning sensation in my hips which radiates down my thighs. I cannot walk or stand for more than a minute or two without really intensifying the pain. That, along with some moderate stiffness has me in bed about 95% of the time where I work on projects (thank goodness for yarn and knitting needles!) when I can sit up, rising only when necessary to prepare food or use the bathroom. Yep, it blows. But I am still grateful to have my pain medication which does take the edge off, making this ordeal a little more bearable :)

My stomach itself remains pain-free, tho my guts have begun to ache and my lower abdomen is slightly swollen. This is confusing since the new foods I recently added to my diet are virtually starch-free and not highly acidic. A delayed reaction, perhaps? Hmmm... better get my lab coat on and do some iodine testing. In the meantime, I'll remove the new foods and see if the discomfort and swelling subsides.

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