Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You bastards!!

The activity of painting one wall and the ceiling in my 11'x7.5' room two days ago has left me weakened and fatigued. It is painful to walk, stand or or be in any position other than horizontal. My brain matter is about as useful as a bowl of bean dip, as I cannot seem to make simple decisions such as what to eat or what color socks I'd like to wear ( as a result I'm simply not wearing any). On days like this I wish I could do hand to hand combat with the tiny bastard parasites that have invaded my body......I hate them with a fiery passion! I feel so helpless in fighting them. I cannot give up, but I do have to give in to the effects they have on my body. This can make staying positive an extreme challenge. I just have to remind myself that it could be worse, and has been worse. Today my heart rate is within normal range, I can stand when I need to without assistance and my bowl-0f-bean-dip brain has at least enough power to write this blog ;-) So, here's to taking life one day at a time, and finding the positive in the most unlikely places. Ciao for now.

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