Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day three

My youngest brother turns 20 years old today....time sure does fly! I remember witnessing his birth; it was amazing....he was a tiny, wrinkly little pink thing with a heluva set of lungs! hehe. His party will be held tomorrow, and I'm hoping I'll be well enough to attend. I cannot afford a present for him, so he'll just have to settle for a big hug from his 'dorky' older sis ;-)
I'm feeling semi-ok today...still very weak but able to function.....I even had a shower...yay! I'm relaxing as much as possible and only moving around when necessary....this takes most of my will power -who knew that taking it easy could be so hard!? - especially when my baby sister's adorable pup wants to play! Yesterday he trotted over with his favorite toy and put it in my lap, then looked up at me with those big brown eyes of his....nearly broke my heart to turn him away. As soon as I'm well, the two of us are gonna spent a ridiculous amount of time 'ruff' housing.
Well, that's all she wrote today....ciao for now!

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