Sunday, November 2, 2008

Family reunion

My older brother came to visit on Tuesday (28th) with his wife and kids...I had not seen them in about 8 years.....the girls were soooo big, and the baby whom I hadn't met was already 16 months old, and sooooooo cute. My whole family showed up - about 15 people - and we stayed up til 1am talking, laughing and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows in the fire pit out back. We all took a ton of pictures and I followed the kids around with the camcorder...hehe. I started to fade out early in the evening....a can of root beer helped me stay up for the remainder of the 17-hour event. I went to bed immediately after everyone left and ended up sleeping a total of 35 hours over the next two days. I am still recovering.

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