Wednesday, December 9, 2009

yucky bout

after increasing my dose of Samento on Nov 13th I began to feel what I believed to be a delayed herx reaction on the 18th. 22 days later it has not yet let up. The only new symptoms are intense headache, a slight fever that lasted about a week and increased depression (likely a result of feeling so darn crappy) so it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what is going on. I can only speculate that this began as a delayed herx, then became something else - likely a seasonal bug - that my body is still fighting off. I am still taking both medications daily and will continue to do so, increasing only after this latest yucky bout passes. For now I am confined to bed much of the time, and not very functional when up for food or medicine. I'll be very glad when this is over.

In other news, my happy little Betta Socrates has fallen ill with a fungal infection. I have been treating him the last 3 days with anti-fungal drops, and while the fungus is dissolving, my poor fish isn't doing so well. He stopped eating yesterday and spends his time sitting at the bottom of his aquarium, his breathing labored. Poor guy :(. I have stopped treatment to allow his gills to recover, as this type of treatment often affects them. There isn't much else I can do for him now but make him comfortable and wait for him to pull through.

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ninja lyme fighter said...

hi! i'm so glad to hear from you and that you're still at it! yeah fellow lyme fighter! anyway you should check out my blog. i tried out samento and i totally love it! it puts me in this super positive peaceful spot and eliminates the heart palpitations, the tingling, the depression - i just love it! and i started with a very high dosage too. i thought - oh what the heck. it's not toxic, it can't harm me right, so i just did it. and yeah no detox so far!
you should DEFINITELY look into ozone for your fish. there are water ozonaters for aquariums. this helps guaranteed. or alternatively you might want to try h2o2 - hydrogen peroxide. you can buy it at the drug store for $1. put 1 oz in or more (depends on the size of your tank) - your fish will love it! good luck. would love to hear from you :-)