Friday, February 27, 2009

Med reaction

I started taking IsoCort about a week ago; a new adrenal medication. After about 3 days on it I began to have difficulty sleeping. After 5 days I was only dozing on and off for maybe 5 hours out of every 24 and feeling very agitated. I finally made the connection between my sleep disruption and my new meds. I stopped taking them two days ago and called my doctor. She agreed that was likely the problem and told me to stay off them til my sleep stabilized. Since then I do feel a bit more relaxed and am sleeping for longer periods. I do think it will take a few more days for my sleep schedule to normalize. Until then, I'm taking it easy and enjoying not feeling like a sleep-deprived loon ;-)

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lacewing said...

lacewing says : Watch the swinging watch fob - "YOU ARE GETTING SLEEPY.....SLEEPY! My dear friend...Sleepy!.....Your mind is becoming blank...Sleepy!.....Your arms are becoming heavy....SLEEPY!...Your legs have become lead weights...SLEEPY!.... SLEEPY!!!....zzzzzzzzzzzSNOREzzzzzz