Thursday, January 8, 2009


My cold packed it's bags and split a few days ago, and I'm feeling much better...just a bit weak but otherwise ok :-) I am now in Washington visiting a friend thru the 15th of this month. The flight was alright except for the landing. Heavy rain and strong winds had the plane being tossed around as we circled the airport.....the landing gear slammed down on the runway with a jolting 'slam'. At one point the woman in the seat next to me whom I had been chatting with, handed me a barf bag and offered to hold my hair back....I must've been green....hehehe. Needless to say, I was very glad to step off that plane onto solid ground. Anyway, it's lovely much green and not a single spiny John has been great...showing me around town and hugging me silly which is one thing I have really missed. It's been wonderful to get away and clear my head, and have a change of pace/scenery. I'm hoping this trip helps recharge my batteries as I was starting to get down and a bit stir-crazy at dad's house.

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